World Wildlife Fund’s Global Forces


WWF is working throughout the world to save life on Earth. While we are known foremost for our success protecting endangered species and preserving wild places, we understand that in order to achieve our conservation goals, we must dedicate ourselves to addressing the global forces that have the potential to impact our living planet.

Climate change; deteriorating ocean health; toxic chemicals; an unchecked wildlife trade; deforestation; issues relating to aquaculture & agriculture; – any of these, if ignored, could have dire consequences for life on Earth. But if we work together to manage these challenges, our efforts can produce positive results that will spread throughout the web of life.

In addition to its commitment to fighting global threats, WWF has developed tools that will help us build a conservation legacy, including programs that are directed at sustainable resource management, conservation financing, and the education of future leaders.

With more than four decades of experience based on sound science, a far-reaching international network, and a history of achieving conservation results, WWF is uniquely qualified to address these challenges and ensure a living planet for future generations.


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    Very nice website i just randomly decided to go on sites and this is by far the best layout and info.Very nice!!:)

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