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Animal of the day: Snow Leopards


The snow leopard is an endangered big cat that inhabits the rugged and mountainous terrain of Central Asia and the Himalayan region. It is currently threatened by hunting for the illegal wildlife trade and revenge killings by herders; habitat loss; and diminished food supply. A 2003 study by TRAFFIC, WWF and the International Snow Leopard Trust found a dramatic decline of the big cats in many countries over the previous decade. It is estimated these threats are reducing the snow leopard population to numbers approaching those of the endangered tiger. The remaining animals live in only 12 countries in South and Central Asia.

World Wildlife Fund supports research and habitat conservation projects for the snow leopard in many parts of its range. WWF is also working to put a stop to the illegal traffic in endangered cat skins, and to create and maintain reserves to protect them and other endangered species. With your help, we can save the snow leopard from an uncertain future.


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